South East Queensland based TrueGreen and Sydney based Emerald Maintenance Services have announced a Teaming Relationship that will now allow both parties to offer services to their customers in both the SE Queensland and Sydney regions. “We have actually been working together for many years” said Steve McRae, Director of TrueGreen. “We have utilised Emerald’s expertise in Landscape Maintenance and Turf Agronomy over the years and we have now jointly decided to take that to the next level”.

The immediate impact is that now both parties can offer to their customers Lawn and Landscape services in the expanded geographic coverage with the other party providing the relevant services. “We have seen over the years a number of customers who have shown interest with sites in both geographic areas” said Greg Dolan, Owner of Emerald. “We are now in a position to be able to offer the same level of services we offer in Sydney across the broader geographic spectrum”.

The commercial relationships with the customers can be flexible. They can choose to execute with either a single partner in the Team or with both for individual geographies. There may be synergies achieved by having a single entity manage the commercial aspects of the relationship.