A lush, healthy and weed-free lawn does not happen by itself. That’s where the TrueGreen Lawn Care Program comes in. In this blog, we’ll share the technical aspects of our Lawn Care Program. Here is what and when you can expect from the service.

How Does The Lawn Care Program Work?

TrueGreen’s custom lawn care programs are designed to develop your existing grounds to their fullest potential through your selected program of fertilisation, weed control and insect management. You will be visited 4 to 6 times a year by a turf professional who will evaluate what is needed and apply the correct nutrients.

What Will the TrueGreen Lawn Care Program Do For My Site?

Simply put, you now have the means to give your property a finishing touch; a greatly improved lawn without the effort and trouble of having to do it yourself.


Through our unique application system, fertilisation will be applied on a scheduled program throughout the growing season. Each fertilisation feeding is specially formulated based on the individual requirements needed by your property to promote a thick, vibrant green lawn.

Broadleaf Weed Control

Our precision lawn care includes cleaning out and preventing the return of nuisance weeds such as bindis, clovers and dandelions. These nuisance weeds have an unsightly appearance, increase the need for mowing, and deprive lawn grasses of much-needed nutrients and moisture.

Annual Grassy Weed Control

Annual grassy weeds such as Summergrass (or Crowsfoot) and Wintergrass are eliminated before they appear. We do this using pre-emergent controls such as herbicides, greatly reducing competition and ensuring a more consistent appearance.

Lawn Insect Control

In our lawn care programs, both preventive and curative controls are applied as needed, to control/reduce the wide variety of turf-damaging insects (e.g. Black Beetle or Armyworm), which can devastate lawn areas.

Core Aeration (Additional service)

The beneficial process of removing soil cores from your lawn is carried out annually as part of our lawn care program. The core aeration process opens your lawn’s soil and thatch, creating an improved growing environment by reducing soil compaction and thatch, while also aiding the movement of nutrients, moisture, and air in your lawn’s root zone, leading up to a healthier and more durable turf. This is an additional service that is offered as required.

Scarification (Additional service)

Scarification is another beneficial process whereby organic matter or “thatch” is removed from the surface of your lawn, helping it to breathe. Thatch is a layer of dead grass that is yet to decompose and is tightly interwoven with new shoots that are attempting to grow through. This build-up of thatch can prevent water and nutrients from getting into the roots of your grass and can give your lawn a “spongy” and unnatural feel. Scarification is an additional service we offer outside of our standard lawn care program that refreshes your lawn, helping it to better absorb water and nutrients, and can additionally reduce moss levels.

Need A Follow-Up to Our Lawn Care Program?

Nature is full of surprises. Weather and the unique nature of the environment of your garden can cause unexpected pest problems and issues. If this occurs or you just need some advice, simply call to schedule your Territory Manager who will gladly address these concerns. Our programs also have available a 21-day warranty after each service for broadleaf weeds. Best of all, our programs offer full year-round service calls on our stated controls – and it’s free of charge!

The TrueGreen Lawn Care Program (Technical) can be augmented by our team to perform mowing and other Landscape services as required. Get in touch with us today!

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